How We Work With Families

Our approach is to help each child build a solid foundation for: (1) engaging in relationships with others, (2) communicating effectively, and (3) expanding total development through interaction and discovery.

Development happens within the context of relationships and the child’s natural environment. Central to our therapeutic process is a strong focus on emotional development and meeting the child where they are at, in order to ensure a strong developmental foundation. To capitalize on this approach the use of affect and meaningful relationships are essential. For these reasons, parents are a fundamental part of the therapeutic team and play an interactive role in therapy sessions. The focus of intervention is within the context of the relationship, the interpretation of social cues, and providing opportunities to practice these skills through interactions that follow the child’s lead.
Our success comes from our approach; we pride ourselves on the following:

  • Individualized: all treatment and goals take into consideration the unique sensory, motor, emotional, and language profiles of the child
  • Evolutionary: we take the time to find where the child is at developmentally and then treat the child as a whole, not just individual symptoms
  • Relationship-based: we recognize therapists, parents, and teachers relationship with the child can be harnessed as the catalyst of progress and make outcomes more meaningful
  • i. Individual evaluation and trainingWe look at the individual set of strengths and weaknesses of the child, to define his developmental profile. During the evaluation parents take an active role as the objective is to observe the best performance of the child. The evaluation takes place in a playful atmosphere, rich of sensory experiences for the child.
    This evaluation is a key step to define intervention objectives together with parents, and allows the team to tailor a program based on specific needs of each child and his family. The objective is to achieve optimal participation in daily activities and lay a strong foundation for learning.We work in a holistic and comprehensive manner of the foundational skills needed for daily living (motor skills, attention, communication) so that they become stable over time and can be generalized in a variety of contexts.

    ii. Parents coaching

    When caregivers take an active role, the essence of treatment can be embedded into daily interactions at home. We recognize that parents are the experts on their child and, as experts on development, we are able to create a powerful collaboration that produces outcomes.

    At “Casa di Gioia” parents are the key to successful children. Beyond parent’s involvement in the therapeutic process, we have organized specific trainings that are open to all parents.

    GREENSPAN coaching parents

    iii. Teacher support

    We further support children’s development by a creating a direct link with the school, when possible, and providing the teachers the relevant information regarding the child’s profile, as well as specific tools to use in the class setting to enhance total development.

    Our staff can work closely with teachers to generalize strategies and experiences in the therapy sessions to the school environment