Reading Your Child’s Behavior & Supporting a Child that Needs More Attention

Parenting is no easy task and figuring out how to support your child’s individual differences can make parenting even more complicated. All children have unique profiles and personalities, but sometimes individual differences can be disruptive to daily life.

Examples include:

• A child that is constantly moving as a way to seek sensory input may be unable to sustain his attention long enough to complete a simple chore.

• The child that is so sensitive to noise that she can’t stand being in a crowded grocery store.

• Children that hate to be touched to the point where they have a meltdown when relatives try to hug them.

• Young boys and girls who struggle to try new activities or cannot handle unexpected transitions.

• Perhaps your child has her “head in the clouds” and needs a parent to direct each step in order to complete a goal-directed activity.

The occupational, speech and language therapists and child psychologists at Joy Center clinics throughout Italy aim to empower parents by helping them to understand the underlying causes of disruptive behaviors. By understanding children in a more holistic way we work together to support the full potential of the children we treat with joy and respect. Each staff member at Joy Center has specialized training in understanding total child development. We take into account the complexity and uniqueness of each child and work with parents to analyze and discover what supports or hinders development. We look far beneath the observable surface behaviors and analyze, in-depth, the core reasons for the behaviors that we see.


 Individual Evaluation and Training

• We look at the individual set of strengths and weaknesses of the child, to define his developmental profile. During the evaluation parents take an active role as the objective is to observe the best performance of the child. The evaluation takes place in a playful atmosphere, rich in sensory experiences for the child.

• This initial evaluation is a key step to define intervention objectives together with parents and allows the team to tailor a program based on the specific needs of each child and family. The objective is to achieve optimal participation in daily activities and lay a strong foundation for learning. We work in a holistic and comprehensive manner of the foundational skills needed for daily living (motor skills, attention, communication) so that they become stable over time and can be generalized in a variety of contexts.


Parents Coaching

• When caregivers take an active role, the essence of a treatment can be embedded into daily interactions at home. We recognize that parents are the experts on their child and, as experts on development, we are able to create a powerful collaboration that produces outcomes.

• Joy Center parents are key to successful children. Beyond the parent’s involvement in the therapeutic process, we have organized training that is open to all parents.