Therapist Training –

Joy Center staff receives specific training in developmental approaches to support total development. Setting Joy Center therapists apart as developmentalists, our methods lend to a holistic style of treatment and are child-led, making therapy enjoyable for the child and at a “just right” challenge. All of Joy Center’s multi-disciplinary therapists are currently participating in the Profectum and ICDL certification program, and many have completed the online University of Southern California courses related to sensory processing and motor development.

It is the integration of these innovative developmental approaches, as well as the parent education and the insight they provide that gives a long-lasting impact to the child’s therapy.


Therapist Supervision –

Clinical supervision is common practice with Joy Center therapists. Therapists are involved in weekly supervision with senior clinicians in the US that are experts in child development, emotional development, speech and language development and how family dynamics may support the process. This allows therapists to collaborate with senior therapists in the same discipline or across disciplines to gain further insight into their clients and what steps to take to best support their growth and development.