Penso che incontrare Amy ed il suo team abbia cambiato le nostre vite. In questi 8 anni abbiamo fatto un percorso insieme per aiutare nostro figlio a crescere ed integrarsi. Abbiamo lavorato sulle sue opportunità, e sulle nostre; abbiamo scoperto insieme le nostre potenzialità, ed abbiamo imparato a guardare i momenti difficili come scintille per lo sviluppo. In ogni sessione di lavoro abbiamo “alzato l’asticella” per puntare ad obiettivi sempre più alti, perché “there’s no limit to the sky”.


Sono solo tre settimane che siamo a Roma. Filippo in così poco tempo ha fatto molti cambiamenti che non mi sarei mai aspettata. Vedere le sue sedute sono la cosa più bella, il clima di casa gioia è unico, serenità e armonia. Grazie Roma's team!


Occupational therapy provided by our therapist, at Casa di Gioia  has opened pathways in my 10 year old son. He is welcomed into a caring and dynamic therapeutic environment that has cultivated motor skill refinement, trust in himself and a growing independence at home and in school. It has been hard work for him, his therapist and his family but the benefits are enormous!


Over the past 3 years, both of our boys, now ages 10 and 8, have received exceptional care at Casa di Gioia. Their therapist has met them where they are at each developmental stage and has utilized a whole child approach that has helped them to flourish. They are self-aware and are empowered to do things for themselves in the world that helps them to feel comfortable, confident and competent. Our whole family has benefited from understanding how integral the sensory system is for all of us. We are very grateful for the unique and critical way in which Casa di Gioia cares for children and families like ours.


Casa di Gioia therapists are absolutely miraculous with children.  Unsolicited opinions from other expert experienced professionals in closely related fields have confirmed my own impressions that "the folks at this center know children" and that they are "good with children."   I have observed their limitless sensitivity, their openness to see aspects that touch upon other disciplines, their steady continuing education within their group, and that they are unfailing in their professionalism such that my children have the best chance of success through a trustworthy, integrated process of learning. They are wonderful.