Our philosophy

Each child has a unique sensory and motor profile

The child’s capacity to process information through the senses and their body are essential to interact with the environment and with others. Each child has a unique way to process and respond to sensory information and, sometimes, this way of processing information makes engagement in daily activities or relationships a little more difficult. We take the time to understand each child’s individual profile, which allows us to individualize intervention to make positive shifts in development.

We boost global development

Integral to our approach is our holistic understanding of global development. We know that the various areas of child development (motor, language, sensory, emotional, cognitive) are closely linked and cannot be addressed in isolation of one another. For example, to support a fine motor challenge (i.e. correctly hold a pencil) we will work on the underlying components of fine motor control, such as postural control, visual processing, reflex integration, and bilateral coordination. In supporting the whole child we are able to promote sustainable and long-term progress.

We use a developmental approach, adapting to the child’s developmental level

We base our program on the latest neuroscientific studies in child development. Through blending scientific evidence with our clinical expertise, we are able to design specific and individualized programs based on a child’s specific developmental profile. Through this process occurs in a natural way and our interventions challenge the child at the “just right” level.

Outcomes are most powerful when there is a collaboration between the clinician, parents, and school

Language, motor and emotional competencies continuously evolve throughout the child’s daily experiences. We use an approach built on the belief that development occurs and is integrated within the context of the parent-child relationship. That’s why the focus of our center is to work directly with parents and we encourage them to take an active role. Beyond the parent-child relationship, we recognize the powerful impact school has on development which is why teacher involvement is another fundamental component of our program.