Our Services

1) Boost Groups

Boost groups were born from the idea that development can be supported, before any type of negative outcome occurs, in a fun and interactive group setting. The main objective of this group intervention is to strengthen and boost specific areas of development which, in turn, helps to support and promote overall development.

Each group focuses on a different area:
1) Postural control (Superhero)
2) Attention/Sensory processing and integration ( Sensational kids) ,( Kids in Action)
3) Visual integration system (Eye Can Learn)
4) Handwriting ( Magic Hands), (Happy Hands)
5) Social-Emotional development ( Community Builders), (You Me We )


2) Individual Evaluation

The evaluation allows for understanding the developmental profile of each child. It is, therefore, an essential step to define specific goals and objectives for the intervention. During the evaluation, parents are actively involved in the process. In order to understand the child’s profile, parents are an essential component of knowing and understanding the child best. Through this parent-therapist collaboration, our goal is to develop a shared understanding of the child’s profile, which is used to create a meaningful treatment plan. It is essential to observe the child in his most comfortable space and attitude, which is why parents are so important. The evaluation takes place in a joyful atmosphere full of engaging materials and equipment to provide the most impact on all developmental areas.

3) Individual Intervention

Joy Center therapists are highly trained in developmental approaches that support all aspects of the child’s development. The intervention we propose is:

• Individualized: All treatment and goals take into consideration the unique sensory, cognitive, motor, emotional, and language profiles of the child.

• Evolutionary: We take the time to discover where each child’s developmental level shows most capacity and begin from that point to boost the child’s areas of relative challenge, we do not focus on individual symptoms but rather the biological and relational context from which the challenges are experienced. We take a strength-based approach and realize the tremendous potential within each child and family system.

• Relationship-based: We believe progress is most rapid if occurring within the context of meaningful relationships based on trust, engagement and mutual understanding. Joy Center recognizes parents, siblings, clinicians, and teachers’ relationships can all be harnessed as the catalyst of progress and make outcomes more meaningful.

Regardless of why the child is coming to Joy Center, our approach is to help each child build a solid foundation for:

• Engaging in relationships with others

• Communicating effectively

• Managing strong emotions

• Learning with curiosity and pleasure

• Mastering skills appropriate for developmental age

4) Parenting Coaching

When caregivers take an active role, the essence of a treatment can be embedded into daily interactions at home. We recognize that parents are the experts on their child and, as experts on development, we are able to create a powerful collaboration that produces meaningful change within the child, which impacts often family dynamics and daily life.