Joy Center Programming & Events

Joy Center provides has regular webinars and educational opportunities offered by Dr. Amy Zier, a specialist in child development and parent/family relationships.

Additionally we have annual holiday community events to support American children and families living overseas. Please contact us to learn more about scheduling, availability and registration.

Educational Webinars


Sibling Rivalry

What’s the origin of sibling rivalry? Does it only originate inside the child/children? No.

There is a bigger context from where sibling rivalry originates which is covered inside the Sibling Rivalry Workshop, and then there is the small piece that’s comes from the child and their ability to be calm and manage big emotions.

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You will walk away with various considerations and steps to take to manage sibling rivalry successfully and appropriately.


Teen Campfire

Our teen programs support connection between peers, in a non-digital environment.Group sessions are based on social participation, emotional development and peer-to-peer mentoring.


Falconeria Zen Day

Come join us for this unique opportunity to experience the energy and magic of these incredible birds up close! Your children will have the opportunity to connect and interact with these birds. Building relationships with an animal promotes a deeper development within the child as they can learn important skills related to impulse control, reading the cues of the animal and building confidence by interacting directly with the birds.

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